"Warcraft Millionaire" by Brad Johnson – Become the Next Warcraft Millionaire – Book Review

Are you playing World of Warcraft? Would you like to make some serious gold in WoW? Just like in real life, you don't go far in WoW without gold. You need gold to get bags, weapon and armor. You need gold to buy your education. And you need gold to get cool mounts or vanity pets. Even repairs of your armor costs a lot of gold.

So one thing everybody is talking about is: How can I make gold in World of Warcraft?

You can do that in several ways, and some are smarter and faster than others. Let's be clear on this: World of Warcraft is a game, and a game is supposed to be fun. There is not much fun in gold farming hour after hour doing boring stuff, when you can get gold much easier and in funnier ways. You just have to learn them.

"Warcraft Millionaire" might not make a millionaire out of you, but it can teach you everything you need to make lots of gold in a very short time. You get guides to the Auction House, farming guides, and even guides telling you which daily quests are worth doing, and which aren't.

Even if your character is low level, you learn how to make gold with it. Some of my level 10 characters have had almost 50 gold, just by following the advice given in this book.

It is so cool to be able to by your mount, learn to ride, learn to fly and learn artisan flying as soon as possible, without having to grind for hours. The book is very easy to read and everything is very well explained.